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20 November 2019

Request a song. Read more…

3 Steps to broadcast your favorite song.

Search/Scroll below for the songs, click ✅ and confirm again ✅ . You can request 3 songs every 30 mins , but not more than 10 times/day . Most requested songs will be played in the order of precedence and at our discretion.

Please read the conditions below,

You can leave a comment(Leave a Reply) below if you wish to broadcast/publish your name/ comments , for the songs you have requested .Please mention it explicitly in the comment. By this we assume that you agree to our terms and conditions under the impressum, agree to broadcast/publish your details . If you disagree, you can always request us to refrain from brodcasting/publishing your details in your comment or using the contact us form

To respect the fellow listeners, we kindly request you to abstain from the act of vulgarity, violence and inappropriate contents in the comments. We retain the full rights not to publish/broadcast your requests/comments at any time.

! The list of songs presented here in the list below will be updated according to the listeners requests and demand trends


17 Responses

    1. Vrinda Nair

      1.Kannadi vaathil nee turannuvo from london bridge.
      2.Mazha paadum kuliraayi from sunday holiday
      Please do play these Songs

  1. Amna

    We would like to request a song for our best friend , Aharon Joseph Paul, since he is leaving us for new and exciting opportunities. — Amna and Thripin Koshy John

  2. Nidhi

    Please play the song I requested in Niram WhatsApp. I have sent a voice clip requesting the song dedicated to all malayalis in Munich. Best Regards, Nidhi (Nidheesh)

  3. Dr.Kiran Shankar

    I love Malayalam language with all my heart. When I got the link of NiRaM, my expectations towards a radio was as usual. I didn’t even take an effort to open the link. But I was repeatedly get posted with the same link from my friend in Dubai . Then I thought of just exploring it for once for a few minutes and happened to hear a program in memory of Padmarajan. I must say it was truly a new experience with the radio culture. I thought it would be the usual bluffs that radio jockey do in radio platform, but this 30 minutes program really made a change. And the succeeding programs like Superstars , Expert studio, news, India news, etc distinguished NiRaM radio from others. These are some fantastic start for an online radio. Hearty congratulations to the producers of those programs. And the RJ hosting the show has got a wonderful command over the Malayalam language. And the pronunciation needs applauds .As an Indian born UK citizen , in my busy schedules why I take time for posting this , for these days we are not able to listen any of those content rich programs. Please try to include them more. As we are away from home, Kerala, the experience with our mother tongue has got a next level with Niram radio. And Rjs like Anisha should be encouraged more. Without such quality programs , this radio will be an another one among the crowd We are not able to listen such program from any other radio platforms. Hope you will consider this. The rest of the programs can be heard from any radio platforms. But those I mentioned, never is an outcome without a thorough study and homework. All the very best for team Niram. And the script writer behind the Ormayile nakshatrangal is doing a good job.
    Dr.Kiran Shankar, London

    1. niramradio

      Dear Dr Kiran,
      Thank you very much for you appreciation. We Niram radio team is very glad to see your feedback regarding the Niram programs. We will try to add more program varieties in future .
      Best regards
      Niram radio team

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